Brandon Johnson


  • Name: Brandon Johnson
  • City, State: Birmingham, AL


  • Instagram: @wideowt4
  • Facebook: Brandon Johnson 

Why fitness? What's your story?

  • I started middle school at 5', 180lbs. I realized how big I was and I became comfortable with it because most of my family is larger. When I graduated high school, I was 6'2" and 245lbs. I came to college to play football and began to have a playing weight of 225. When football ended I took a really long break, which hurt me bad. Muscle turned to fat and I was eating everything under the sun. I was back up to 245lbs. Then I chose to change. I really care about my health and the longevity of my life. I want to be as healthy mentally, physically and spiritually for my future family. I began running a lot and lifting and now we are here today. I weigh 215lbs and my goal is to be a solid 200, cut, ripped, shredded, but lean at the same time. LETS GET IT!