Brand Reps

We are EXTREMELY proud to publicize and announce our official Brand Ambassadors for Anger MGMT Fitness. These supreme athletes have shown and proven that hard work seeks nothing but reward. From their bulk to be as shredded as possible on stage, each athlete has put in the hard work, expressed their motivation, and shown exactly how passionate they are about their Goals and what it took them to reach this ongoing level of growth. 

These athletes also have shown nothing but support and loyalty to our brand which is another reason we have worked to make them the face of the brand. Its not just about free marketing and gear with our athletes, its about them being apart of the AMF family and journey to being bigger and better within the upcoming years. We are a strong support community seeking to motivate and develop others and that is what we look for in our athletes. Click each athlete to learn more about them and their road to success. 

Jennifer duncan

Byron Moody

Brandon Johnson

Kyle T Goodman